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Preschool is an important time in your child's early development and the foundation for their future love of learning!



 This is a parent drop-off Preschool, Pre-Kinder, and Kinder-Prep Based Curriculum Program for ages 3yrs to starting Kindergarten. For three hours a day on M/W/F or T/Th, your child will Explore, Discover, Learn and Grow in a Positive Fun Structured Learning Environment. I have created a Curriculum, Schedule, and Age Appropriate Learning Activities that will help your child gain Independence, Social Skills, Cognitive Development, Respect For Others, and the Love For Academics. This is a year round program that takes Temecula/Murrieta School District Holidays and Observed days off.

Program Describtion
Kids Drawing
Child Doing Art Activity

My name is Miss. Nichelle, I am the Teacher and Owner of Little Learners Preschool. I have taught preschool-age children for 28 years and have owned my preschool for 14 years. I am an Independent Instructor at Valley-Wide Recreation Center. Classes are held in the Rancho Bella Vista 2 building in Murrieta close to Alamos Elementary. 



If you have a question, want to schedule a visit, or enroll in a class, please fill out the information at the bottom of this page or call me at (714) 552-9236 and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


 I Look Forward To Hearing From You! 

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Girl Drawing
 M/W/F Class


*Age: 3yrs (2 1/2 if ready) 

to Starting Kindergarten


*Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm          (three days a week)


*Tuition & Material Fee:   $252.00 + $36.00= $288.00

  (4 weeks / 12 classes)


*Class Size: 24 Children

      (two teachers)

    T/TH Class


*Age: 3yrs (2 1/2 if ready) to Starting Kindergarten


*Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm

  (two days a week)

*Tuition & Material Fee:

 $168.00 + $24.00= $192.00

  (4 weeks / 8 classes)


*Class Size: 24 Children

      (two teachers)

*Classes are combined age groups of Pre-Learners (2 1/2 to 3 1/2), PreK-Learners (3 1/2 to 4 1/2), and Kinder-Learners (4 1/2 to starting Kindergarten). Children are all together during Large Group Time Activities and separated into peer groups during Small Group Time Activities.

Program Classes
Nursery Play
Hands on Slime


 There are four Season Sessions a year and during each session, we complete the Alphabet, engage in Seasonal Themes, and learn a Basic Concept. There are four Weekly Themes that go with a Monthly Theme, and the theme of the week starts with the letters of the week. All activities change weekly to go with what we are focusing on. By changing the focus and activities each week children stay interested in what we are learning about and are excited about what is coming next. I believe in a well-balanced learning experience where Social Development and Academic Development are equally important to be prepared for Kindergarten.


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Program Curriculum 
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