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*Program Description: This is a Preschool / Prekindergarten Based Curriculum Program for ages 2 1/2 yrs to starting Kindergarten. Children will Explore, Discover, Learn and Grow in a positive fun structured learning environment. Each week your child will learn about a new Theme, Letters, and Basic Concept. We complete the alphabet four times a year during each Season Session but no theme or basic concept is repeated throughout the year. All activities in the classroom change weekly to go with what we are focusing on for that week.


*Program Offered:My name is Miss. Nichelle and I have been teaching preschool-age children for 28 yrs. I have two children ages 29 & 16 years old. I am a subcontracted Instructor at the Valley Wide Recreational Center in Murrieta. I Teach/Own the program located in the Rancho Bella Vista 2 Building. You can start at any time as long as there is a spot available. Enrollment and Payments go through me and your guaranteed a spot each month until you decide to cancel. 


*Program Philosophy:  I am passionate about children having a well-balanced learning experience where Social Development and Academic Development are equally important to prepare your child for Kindergarten. I have created a Curriculum, Schedule, and Age Appropriate activities designed to help children gain Independence, Social Skills, Cognitive Development, Respect for Others, and the Love for Academics. 

*Program Goal: Preschool is an important time in your child's early development and the foundation for their future love of learning. Their first learning experience should be a positive one with encouragement and the understanding that children are all different in how they learn. Finding the right place can be difficult but very important! Thank you for taking the time to learn about my program,

    About Little Learners
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